Today, at the same round-about, I was greeted by another phenomenon sight, a golden yellow ball in the sky...the sun playfully hiding behind the moon...( I must buy a camera phone for moments like this!!!)
 Then...EUREKA! my eyes were enlightened to the parallel of this in life.
More often than not, there are days we wake up with fogged minds, fogged feelings, fogged desires such that we can't see beyond our noses and its all so frustrating.
At such times, remember this;
Slow down ( adjust your pace to your ability to see through your fogged mind, feelings, desires etc)
Fog always passes away ( this is nature's law - it will pass)
Clear skies will always re-appear (Clear thoughts, feelings, judgements will return)
Look out for the golden ball ( seek understanding, seek the eureka moment! when life parallels nature.)
God bless.



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