The Dust Patch.

This morning as I alighted from the bus and began to walk towards my work place, a lady called out to my attention a patch of dust on my trousers. I had unknowingly sat on a seat that had dirt and was now walking with a circle of brown and would have continued so but for her kind gesture.
So, I quickly ran my hands over my trousers to brush the dust away and continued on my way....less than 50 meters away, another lady passing by, mentioned that either my trousers were burnt, ha! ha! or had caught some dust somewhere. I now stopped, turned to my back side and right there was a circle of red dust. I brushed most of it away, and decided to do a more thorough cleanup at the office bathroom.
At that moment, I just thought to myself that in life, once in a while, we walk with circles of brown, a dust patch in areas where only those ''behind'' us can see. These who walk behind us are our family members, our friends, our religious leaders, our teachers, and sometimes even people we do not know. Drawn by their love and concern for us, or by kindness, they point out areas in our lives that are not proper in a bid that we would clean up our act.
My encouragement is this; ''when someone points out an area in your life that needs cleaning up...especially those areas that are not very visible in your sight;
Brush out what you can see - apologize, repent, replace, forgive. Do all you can to return to the place of cleanliness.
For what you cannot see, visit the bathroom - this being a place where you can examine the area pointed out, a private place where you can determine how the dust got on you and can clean it out wholly.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Rid your life of dust.



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