A Tribute to Mama Shiru

The value of a man or woman resides in what he or she gives, not in what they are capable of receiving. 

This is a tribute to my aunt, mama shiru, who breathed her last yesterday.
It is said that a picture can have as many as a thousand words…..the reason I value the power of observation as a learning tool. 

As I sat silently in my house last evening trying to comprehend death, my mind was drawn to the last moments I spent with my aunt. Two specific memories stood out, one – a Saturday afternoon, we'd gathered as a family to raise funds for her medical bill, towards the end of the function, a car pulled in, and to my amazement, there was my aunt coming to thank the family for coming out to support her. I thought, how could they allow her to come in her state!

My aunt had battled cancer for a while and it had taken a toll on her otherwise plus size body type to a size 8 – she still holds the trophy for the best round cheeks I have ever seen on anyone! With sheer resilience, she stepped out of the car, adjusted her clutches and began to walk slowly and painfully towards the dais. She was in so much pain that tears streamed down her face with each step. More than once, she stopped to catch her breath, throw a glance and smile.

Have you ever beheld a painful smile amidst tears? – now that's a picture worth more than a thousand words! The eyes, the worn out skin from chemo, the dry mouth, the moisture from the tears, the teeth, the popped veins all have a story to tell – a story of resilience, a story of pain, a story of acceptance, a story of determination…a story of hope…a story of gratitude…a story of family…a story of love, most importantly – a story of humility. One glance at her face taught me inexpressible lessons….I reminisce the hearty hug she gave me, she was so grateful that I'd found time to come.

The second is a much pleasant one, again, as a family we'd gathered to celebrate my sister's graduation. Mama Shiru was robust, had gained a bit of weight and was looking fabulous…as usual; I got a hearty hug with a firmer grip that told me her worst days were now behind her. I watched her for a while, she spoke in a humble soft voice, at the back of her mind savouring life, family, love, accomplishment. There was a distant expensive look in her eyes; how I'd have loved to pick the wealth of her thoughts at that moment.
Yesterday, she unexpectedly slipped away from us but not before she left me a wealth of wisdom by just taking two glances at her face. 


Rest in Peace Mama Shiru.



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