Indecision, Indecision, Indecision….words I love to hate.
Oxford defines indecision as not being able to make decisions quickly and effectively.
What hampers quick and effective decision making? My answer,… uncertainty on the outcome of a decision.
Lately, I've been held hostage by the need to make a decision, whose outcome is very uncertain as it lies in the unpredictable future. Clich├ęs like ''follow your gut'', ''follow your heart'', ''ask God for a sign'', ''listen to that still silent voice'', or ''your conscience will guide you''…haven't helped much. So I sit in the mind racking sea of indecision and I HATE it!!
Far from my feelings…is it okay to be undecided?
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe would say no, he quotes '' Each indecision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over lost days...What you can do orthink you can do, begin it. For boldness has magic, power, and genius in it."
According to,''Indecision can be a debilitating condition that can prevent sufferers from taking a full and active part in society or the community. A sufferer from indecision can often spend whole days in the house or garden, unable to decide which shop or store to visit or frequent. A recent (or fairly) study or research of acute or intense sufferers (or victims) has highlighted, or shown, an alarming or worrying trend or tendency.
Most sufferers are drawn into indecision, or hesitancy, due to worry or an over-active thyroid gland. But, in independent articles, two leading researchers have published areas of concern for many indecisive people. Two leading medical journals, or magazines, have suggested, or propounded, the probability (or likelihood) that indecision may be the consequence of a gene (the "wavering" gene) or a virus transmitted by green or blue budgerigars or parrots. (Say what?!!!)
Scientists have been unable to agree whether this disabling or incapacitating manifestation or disease should be known as Mangoltberg's Syndrome (after its discoverer or establishing professor, Dr Herman hap Friedsheips oder Mangoltberg) or as Hesitantly Indecisive Disorder (H.I.D.) as defined or described by Sir Kumstan-Shall and his assistant, Leyton Orient, in the Psychiatric and Psychology journal, "Up the Spurs" (volumes Ia.1 and IIc.4).
A number of sufferers have found some comfort, or consolation, in sharing their experiences in a mutual help, or support group or circle. '' .
Am not too sure (read indecision) on the scientist findings on '' virus transmitted by green or blue budgerigars or parrots'' theory…but I do agree with finding comfort in sharing experiences. Solomon the wise, observed that there is safety in the counsel of advisorsmany of these though, spoil the broth.
The underlined words are heavy…I don't want them falling out of the page!


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