Looking Back Over My Shoulder......

It’s time to pull the curtain cords over 2008…as I muse over the year that has skid past me, I relate my lessons…

I have learnt that a little love goes a long way…I have learnt that a smile, a kind word, a few flirts and winks, a compliment on a nice stripped shirt, crying with a friend over a loss, encouraging hope on things we’ve so long waited on the Lord for, getting to ride in a friend’s car, worship, coffee dates, late night movies, amateur bowling, awkward ice-skating, wee hour girl talk sleepovers, three weddings, dancing, two funerals, a tad of naughtiness, pecks and giggles!, marveling at a new born baby’s fingers and toes, bidding farewell to close colleagues and friends as they detour, a lovely sms / texts, meeting a friend 5 years lost, ...facebook pokes, sitcom ‘’Everybody hates Chris’’, a friend is pregnant, another promoted, family jokes, the Nairobi safari walk, Aflewo, 1st Friday, warm hugs, unseen chat buddies, 2 glasses of wine, midnight books, local drama’s - Tahidi High, a friend getting engaged and another, glee on meeting the lady of his dreams..Java 3 scoop ice-cream, Dorman’s cappuccinos’…Gilmore Girls…, K-Krew missions...’’So you think you can dance’’…email forwards….the list is infinite…it’s these little things that have brought me immense joy in the past year….

I have learnt that both joy and pain can co-exist peacefully in a man’s heart…that ‘a smooth road does little to promote growth’….for it’s been a year of travailing, hustling, cliff edge living, soaring prices, backaches, short nights and long tiring days, sighing, burst outs!, tears, frustration and reaching ends that never ended……many are the times that I ran, I walked, I crawled, then sat, I awoke…I ran, I walked, I crawled, was out of strength, so I sat, then awoke…I ran, I walked, I crawled,…I ran….in January…March…on to July…Sept…and now in December, I look back and I shiver at the distance I’ve covered….the horizon so far away…so much given up…so much taken in…..and who but the LORD has brought me this far.

A song hums in the distance…its Mike and the Mechanics…a well know classic…

‘’Looking back over my shoulder, I can see that look in your eyes, I never dreamed it could be over, I never wanted to say goodbye…..’’

My remix….

‘’Looking back over my shoulder, I can see the strides in my eyes, I never dreamed I’d come this faaaaar ….I so want to….. say goodbye…..’’

Merry Christmas and a Super Abundant New Year 2009!



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