Lets Kiss and Say Goodbye

….the year comes to a close tomorrow….and I got 5 words for Yr. 2009 – To you (personalizing the year) I say :“Lets kiss and say goodbye”.

For good times…– let’s kiss and say goodbye
For dreadful times…- let’s kiss and say goodbye
Fulfilled dreams…. - let’s kiss and say goodbye
There were scary times…- let’s kiss and say goodbye
There were confusing times…let’s kiss and say goodbye…
Heaps of laughter…let’s kiss and say goodbye
For tears…let’s kiss and say goodbye
For closure….let’s kiss and say goodbye
For the times I was in pain….let’s kiss and say goodbye
For celebration….let’s kiss and say goodbye
For love unspoken….let’s kiss and say goodbye
I seek not to be with you again – mwah!
I seek not your memories – mwah!
I will not remember your close – mwah!
You've been intense! Goodbye.

Hello.... Yr. 2010, you sound nice....

God's Best to all, for the new year.


My Night Song

Jesus, I believe in you
You say that I could trust you
And trust you is all I do
Jesus, I believe

Jesus, I believe in you
That you hear all my cries
And see all my pain
Jesus, I believe

Jesus, I believe in you
Believe that you love me
And seek the best for me
Jesus, I believe

Jesus, I believe in you
Believe that you are the son of God
I believe that you reign
And all that happens, you know

Jesus, I believe in you
I write my pain to you
For my pain is also yours
Jesus, I believe

Jesus, I believe in you
I know that you in charge
Of my life
And you will the best for me
Jesus, I believe

Jesus, I believe in you
How I need you to show yourself true
For you are the way and the truth
Light my way that I may hold your truth
Jesus, I believe

Jesus, I believe in you
I believe in you
I believe in you
I believe in you
Jesus, I believe

(This is for Miko – may you accept Jesus soonest – my soul pains for you – I believe you will)


Learn to speak blessings over your life, your friends, your future….

My mum sent me this article, an extract from a pg 140, titled “Discover the Power of Your Thoughts and Words”…from the book, “Become a Better You” – by Joel Osteen.

She echoed the following words from the author:

“I encourage you to receive these words and meditate on them, let them sink down deeply into your heart and mind and become a reality in your life. Practice doing something similar with your family. Learn to speak blessings over your life, your friends, and your future. Remember a blessing is not a blessing until it is spoken. If you’ll do your part and start boldly speaking blessings over your life and the lives of those around you, God will provide everything you need to live the life of abundance He wants you to have.”

In view of this and from a willing heart – I bless all who fall by this blog page (my blog friends) – when you read this, consider yourself blessed as below:

  • I declare that you are blessed with God’s supernatural wisdom, and that you have clear direction for your life.
  • I declare that you are blessed with creativity, with courage, with ability and with abundance.
  • I declare that you are blessed with a strong will and with self-control and self discipline.
  • I declare that you are blessed with a great family, with good friends, with good health, and with faith, favor and fulfillment.
  • I declare that you are blessed with success, with supernatural strength, with promotion and with divine protection.
  • I declare that you are blessed with an obedient heart and positive outlook on life
  • I declare that any curse that has ever been spoken over you, any negative evil word that has ever come against you, is broken right now.
  • I declare that you are blessed in the city. You are blessed in the country. You are blessed when you go in. You are blessed when you come out.
  • I declare that everything you put your hands to do is going to prosper and succeed.
  • I declare that you are blessed!
Receive my blessings – you deserve them!

In Jesus name - Amen.


...And let the peace of God....


Songs played out loud....

...my mind is wired to play a song, (or two or three - on a good day, four - maybe more)....quietly in my heart. This week, two songs have played over and over again.....and i guess, i need to play them out loud - so my ears can listen to my mind....

This video came with a bonus ''Shout to the Lord''....my song though...is the prior - "Father of Creation" and "So Close" below;

I'm so secure
You're here with me.
You stay the same
Your love remains
here in my heart.

So close I believe
You're holding me now,
in Your hands I belong.
You'll never let me go;
So close I believe
You're holding me now
in Your hands I belong,
You'll never let me go.

You gave Your life
and Your endless love.
You set me free
& show  the way
now I am found

All along You were beside me
even when I couldn't tell
and through the years
You showed me more of You
more of You
.................. lovely weekend to all.........   :-)


So Close....

So close
So very close
Closer than has ever been
Too close

Its here
Oh! how I have waited
And now close
So close
So very close
Closer than has ever been
Too close



You'll Come

(Hosea 6)
Brooke Fraser, 2007

I have decided, I have resolved
To wait upon you Lord
My rock and redeemer, shield, and reward
I'll wait upon you Lord

As surely as the sun will rise
You'll come to us
As certain as the dawn appears

You'll come, let your glory fall
As you respond to us
Spirit Rain, flood into our thirsty hearts again
You'll come.

We are not shaken we are not moved
We wait upon you Lord
Mighty deliverer, triumph and truth
We wait upon you Lord

As surely as the sun will rise, you'll come to us
Certain as your word endures.

You'll come, let your glory fall
As you respond to us
Spirit Rain, flood into our thirsty hearts again
You'll come.

Chains be broken
Lives be healed
Eyes be opened
Christ is revealed


to He, that makes me...

This past weekend, I traveled to the town of my birth, to do, what i like best - Worship.

The Aflewo team held a similar night of worship as the one I'd written about in the post  Pazeni Sauti , in Nyeri Town, at Nyamachaki Church, a kilometer or so from the hospital of my birth. Exactly three decades later (overwhelmed!), here I was to say thank you for the person I've become, to He who made me and continues to make me.

One song expressed perfectly, my deep gratitude...a well know Kikuyu hymn;

Nii ningwenda, Ngai Umenyage
(I need you, Lord to know...)
Ningenaga muno niwe
(that I am repeatedly so happy in You...) ( hic!)
Tondu niunjikaga wega
(For, you are so good to me..)
Na ukanyenda hingo ciothe
(And You love me always...)

Irio ciakwa iria ndiaga
(the food I eat...)
Mai maria nyuaga
(the water i drink...)
O na nguo cia kwihumba
(even the clothes i wear...)
Ciothe nowe u heaga
(All these, its You who gives to me...)

Muoyo naguo nowe wa' heire
(My life, even it, its You who gave to me...)
Niwe u giragia ngue
(Its You, who keeps me alive)
Ungithengia hinya waku
(Should you withdraw your power....)
Ndingiikara gathaa kamwe
( I cannot survive a single hour...)

We muthenya o na utuku
(Lord (You), during the day and even at night...)
Niu menyagirira wega
(You protect me sufficiently...)
Maitho maku no mambaaraga
(Your eyes Lord, see everything...)
Kuri nduma kana utheri
(In darkness/ at night and in light/ in day...)

Ndigihota gukucokeria
( I am unable to reimburse/ express in humanly words,how grateful  i am)
Wega waku, Mwathani
(for your goodness, O Lord...)
No ndindakuhoya utumage
(But, this I pray, that You'd help me...)
Ngwende muno na nguiguage
(Love You more, and obey You...)



Will I? Even When?

Took a few days off work to rest.....seems i take the time to do everything but rest....so Monday and Tuesday were set aside to rest. My choice watch for monday late night, was Donnie McClurkin's - Live in London concert....in it, is a special song that I love oh so...ever have, since its release....and it relates to my weekly devotion from James MacDonald, Life in the Word Ministries.

...extract ...

"At every crossroads of life you face a choice. "Will I trust God? Will I believe His Word? Will I have faith?"

More than likely, you're facing a decision today in which you see several ways you can go. One might be easier, but it's not calling you higher or to what you would think would please God. You say .."But it makes more sense for me to go this way...it would be the safest... or the most reasonable... or the best in my mind. I think I could make that way work out." But then God says, "No, go this way. This will be better in the long run. You'll be glad you went this way." 

"...It's always going to be better for you to follow the Lord, whatever the issue is. However logical or reasonable the other paths seem, consider what motivates your decision. The choice to obey the Lord in this situation is a decision of faith. First John 5:4 says, "And this is the victory that has overcome the world - our faith." Your faith is determined by your answers to: "Will I trust God even when...?" "Do I believe that His ways are best for me even when...?" 



He Knows…I Know....I Know Not

I do not like this feeling…!!
It’s not that He has forgotten me…never so, I just feel like He is taking too long for my own liking.
I know, He knows the frustration of seeking an answer…especially when patience is not one of my inborn character traits …and I also know, that He never keeps me waiting any longer than I should….
So here I am, between Him knowing and I knowing…..about something I know not of…not knowing what I should feel while knowing I don’t like what am feeling…..
Psalm 5
A Prayer for Protection
 1 Listen to my words, O Lord,
      and hear my sighs.
 2 Listen to my cry for help,
      my God and king!
   I pray to you, O Lord;
    3 you hear my voice in the morning;
   at sunrise I offer my prayer
      and wait for your answer.

 4 You are not a God who is pleased with wrongdoing;
      you allow no evil in your presence.
 5 You cannot stand the sight of the proud;
      you hate all wicked people.
 6 You destroy all liars
      and despise violent, deceitful people.

 7 But because of your great love
      I can come into your house;
   I can worship in your holy Temple
      and bow down to you in reverence.
 8 Lord, I have so many enemies!
      Lead me to do your will;
      make your way plain for me to follow.

 9 What my enemies say can never be trusted;
      they only want to destroy.
   Their words are flattering and smooth,
      but full of deadly deceit.
 10 Condemn and punish them, O God;
      may their own plots cause their ruin.
   Drive them out of your presence
      because of their many sins
      and their rebellion against you.

 11 But all who find safety in you will rejoice;
      they can always sing for joy.
   Protect those who love you;
      because of you they are truly happy.
 12 You bless those who obey you, Lord;


Sirach 37

Sirach 37: 1 - 14
Anyone can claim to be your friend, but some people are friends in name only. The grief caused when a close friendship turns sour is as bad as death. This evil impulse we have! Why was it ever formed? How did it manage to cover the earth with deceit? Some people will be your friend as long as things are going well, but they will turn against you when trouble comes. A real friend will help you against your enemies and protect you in the fight. Never forget such companions in battle; share the results of your victory with them.
Anyone can give advice, but some people do so only in their own interest. Be careful when somebody offers you advice. Find out first what his interest in the matter is, because you can be sure that he is thinking primarily of himself. Why should he come out on top instead of you? He will assure you that things look good, and then stand back to watch what happens to you. Don't ask advice of anyone who doesn't trust you, and don't give advice to anyone who is jealous of you.
Don't ask a woman for advice about a rival of hers,
   a coward about war,
   a merchant about a bargain,
   a buyer about selling,
   a stingy person about gratitude,
   a cruel person about kindness,
   a lazy person about work,
   a casual worker about finishing a job,
   a lazy slave about a difficult task.

Pay no attention to any advice they may give.
Instead, rely on someone who is religious and known to keep the Lord's commands, someone who is sympathetic with you, who will be sorry to see you fail. And trust your own judgment; no one's advice is more reliable. Sometimes your own intuition can tell you more than seven watchmen on a high tower. Above all, pray to the Most High that he will show you the right thing to do.


The Fragrant Spirit of Life....

The clip below is rather sad....look at the girl's face....look at the vigor of her hands....her calmness...her resolve....her acceptance.

My country borders her country...and though she and her siblings be many kilometers away, her story is replicated in many poverty and HIV striken villages in Africa.

Many shun such videos as they portray a negative image of Africa...as i watched..i hoped it wasn't just another journalist making show of our suffering..like the one who took pictures of a young dying girl hounded by vultures...and left her after taking the shots...this clip has a happy ending...

I hope this video will prevail upon you to sponsor/ help those in need around you...there are so many kids in the world in need of your help.

The after the story...visit Sandamiano Foundation

To sponsor a child, visit Compassion International


Pazeni Sauti (Raise Your Voice)

The all famous yearly worship concert, Africa Lets Worship 2009 (6th Edition) went down last Friday, 18th of September 9pm to Saturday 19th Sept 6am…and as expected...what a night it was!!

The gentleman below, blowing the horn….proclaimed, ‘He could hear the sound of rain in the distance’….and what would you know, this distance was only a couple of hours away…for around 6pm...7pm, Saturday, the showers came down on Nairobi!!!!

The theme…of the night was…’ No matter what…we will worship’…and worship we did!

My favorite new song of the year was as below (it has a Swahili chakacha – ish beat to it… the guys playing the drums were superb! on point!)

Pazeni Sauti (Raise your Voice!)

Bwana ni nguvu yangu, (The Lord is my strength)
Na Ngao yangu (and my shield)
Wokovu wangu (My salvation)

Pazeni Sauti, (Raise your Voice…)
Shangwe na nderemo (Praise & Jubilation)
Tumshangilie ehhh….,( Rejoice….eee…)
Yesu ni wetu (Jesus is Ours)

Milele na milele, (Forever and Forever)
Amemshinda shetani, (He has defeated Satan)
Tumshangilie ehhh…., (Rejoice….eee….)
Bwana ni wetu (The Lord is ours)



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