Adam's Valentines....

When he first fell in love....

First valentine after hook -up.....

Second valentine...

Third Valentine.....

Fourth Valentine......

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”
- 1 Corinthians 13: 6-7b

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Happy Valentines...


Just Ask!!

‘You do not have because you do not ASK!’

I overheard these words, can’t quite remember the incident or who specifically said them – I know I wasn’t actively listening – don’t think I was even part of the conversation – but these words floated and found rest on my thinking plate. Immediately, my mind found reference to similar words I’d read from the good book - the bible. Musing over these words…I ran through the things I sought after…to determine if perhaps, I didn’t have these because I forgot the simple gesture of asking….

My ALPHABET of asking;

A:Approval – if your opinion matters, I will ASK for your views.

B: Believe – if I have reason to doubt, I will look you in the eye and ASK – ‘Why should I believe you?’

C: Credit - I sweat over a task – I require to be acknowledged for the effort by a simple thank you or I’ll ASK.

D: Devotion – for the long haul – I NEED to ASK, will you go all the way?

E: Excitement – If you can provide it; I will ASK to hang around you more.

F: Friendship – I meet someone I like and we hit it off; I will ASK for your number

G: Grace – I say something stupid; I’ll ASK to be forgiven

H: Honour – Anything that embarrasses, I will ASK to halt!

I: Immortality – Only GOD can give this, I ASK HIM for salvation.

J: Justice – if it’s unfair, I’ll ASK for reprieve

K: Knight – am afraid, I’ll ASK for you to watch my back

L: Love – I love you, I’ll ASK if you can love me back

M: Money – am broke; I ASK for a loan (life is cyclic)

N: Noble – Dignity; I’ll ASK for it, if we’ll walk together

O: Opportunity – if I got what it takes, I’ll ASK for a chance

P: Philanthropy – if I can help, I’ll ASK to.

Q: Quiet – if I need silence, I’ll ASK to turn down the music

R: Rights – I’ll ASK for all am entitled to.

S: Selfish – someone has to take care of me, I’ll ASK to spoil me.

T: Temperate – you shout, I’ll ASK you to SHUSH!

U: United – I need you, I’ll ASK you to stay.

V: Vocal – you got something to say, I’ll ASK you to voice it

W: Want – anything I want, I will ASK for it.

X: X-files – anything I don’t want revealed, I will ASK for concealment.

Y: Young – if I feel it, I’ll ASK to behave young and carefree.

Z: Zealous – if am passionate about it, I’ll ASK you to let me be.

Lots of I’s, in there, my conclusion, IF I DON’T ASK, I’LL NOT HAVE.



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