Things not as they seem.

Met up with my 1st year campus room – mate, she’s married, got two kids, unit leader in her company, about to finish her MBA and mortgaging her own house – seems like life had dealt her good cards!. For a minute – or so, I felt under-achieved, a feeling my trained positive mind quickly shot down by reminding me that each of us has a different course in life, and put me to task as to whether I had lived out the opportunities presented to me – to which I was affirmative negating the validity of my self-pity… Two or so weeks later, I caught sight of her again, she looked remarkable – life seemed very fair to her from an outsider’s view. As I made my way to my rented house, I reviewed the cards life has dealt me so far, average cards I thought in comparison….Then, I saw what seemed ridiculous; my neighbor’s outer wall had fresh cream whitewash and in the middle of the wall was a long grayish pole-like stain about 6 inches wide – I thought to myself, how weird!!! Five steps forward baffled, I realized it was a replica of this;

An electricity pole shadow on the wall! Doh! How could I not see that?!!! I laughed with myself …and silently heard my spirit remind me….
‘’ Things are not always as they seem – the cards dealt to me may not look very impressive, but as with a poker game of 4 serves each, there are 48 cards left for am a lone player, who knows what next I’ll draw!!!’’.

The shadow of a dog never bites anyone.



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