Finally Alone

I am standing in the field of time
My hands stretched out wide
And as I circle in reflection
I realize that my noise has bade me
silenced....a cloud dissolved

I see those who've walked with me
Slowly take steps away from my circle
Their season seems gone
My spirit lifts....
Floats on the breeze of change
Alas! Am finally alone

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Am alone (Glee!)
Finally alone
Gosh! Am alone
Oh my! (Shock!)

Not a step towards the past
Just round...
I spin slowly....slowly...
Rest my head on outstretched arms
Bask in the breath of new
As the old departs

This is so beautiful
If only I could paint this moment
Oh! the scent of freedom
The fragrance of space
The sigh of relief

Alone and happy
not a motivation fad
A liberating feel
only experienced
in times as these

If only I could fly
and softly lay on the weight
of this moment

This aint a poem...
Its an expression....
Watching goodbyes
Twelve years its been
Finally Alone!


You are the music in me...

If you understand both languages below, great!, if you don't...that's the reason for the post...not everything is comprehensible in life. (Honestly tho', this was the clearest video I could find....for a song so beautiful.)

Find the music in you this weekend. God Bless.


Still Standing

....Life happens. Sometimes it can be explained; other’s just a mystery - and a hard one at that. The past four months have been just that for me. But thankfully, life balances itself out...when one area is just a drag...other areas compensate....and if someone asks you how you can confidently reply..." all things considered, am doing good"....

I have been fighting a fierce mental battle....being a thinker....I got hit by the "thinking bug". If you are largely a melancholic personality - you know what am talking about. The bug is not easily explainable...aahh...the mind is a replica of a battle field, with negative thoughts ( more of worry and doubt) on one side of the battle line and positive thoughts ( faith and hope) on the opposite side....and there is a "thoughts throw match" going back and forth...and at its height, it crippling! This is where I have been.

...and then, there has been coping with parents illnesses, the gang attack and its resultant sorrow and fear, the headache and expense of moving houses twice and settling, the "ex - double jms" betrayals, pulpit drama, trips home, my friends burdens, writer's bloc on my thesis, the end of my five year plan....It’s been tight! mantra..."this too shall pass"....for my salvation and honour depend on God.

Am still standing…

You gave me courage to believe
That all Your goodness I would see
And if it had not been for You standing on my side
Where would I be

If not for your goodness
If not for your grace
I don’t know where I would be today
If not for your kindness
I never could say I’m still standing
If not for your mercy
If not for your Love
I most likely would have given up
If not for your favour
I never could say I’m still standing
But by the grace of God

To You I lift my offering
And set my heart on higher things
For if it had not been for You Standing on my side
Where would I be?

I'm still standing
I'm still standing
I'm still standing
But by the grace of God

On Christ the solid rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand



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