From What I Know.....

1. God cannot lie. If  He told you so...It will happen. Bank it!

2. God is not mocked. Everything we do is ridden with consequence...good or bad...everything!

3. God is not robbed. If you withhold what belongs to find yourself being discontent with so many things in life.

 4. God's mercy will get you out of what you need not go through - and the same mercy will get you through what you need to go through.

 5. God is a persistent lover - He is one who never leaves no matter what! He stays through it all - the good, bad, ugly and all the in-betweens....He never forsakes, never!

These five I know through personal experience.

...and I know more. I know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.


Saying "Thank You"!

"Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God, and give the Almighty all that you promised. Giving thanks is the sacrifice that honors me, and I will surely save all who obey me." Psalms 50:14,23

Enjoy :-)  

By "So-overjoyed"...I like his spirit!..and voice too.


"hello! smiled my wild sunflower!"

.......I didn't pay much attention to the group of them....huddled together, I considered them, what they were or so they looked, weeds and shrubs!

But what greeted me home last evening, looked like no weed, with more than 10 sunny wavy leaves, and a dark chocolate mid, "hello! smiled my wild sunflower!". I was taken aback. It was so beautiful..! I reached for my phone camera and snap! saved it as a memoir!.

I'd parked very close to it, so I slowly opened the car door, careful not to dislodge it....and my evening prayer included a thank you note for a "sunflower smile". Early this morning, I was battling with a certain I pulled out to work...I glanced at the sunflower again and made careful maneuvers not to glaze it.

Alas! when I got to work and opened my door, what fell out???!!! my sunflower head! (sob!)...and there came the answ
er to my indecision!
Opportunities only last so a wild sunflower they soon shrivel away or get plucked....

Lord, help me make this right.


Why Do I?

I may be different … reason being, there are certain conversations that take place in my head…and sometimes I wonder... if the same are replicated in other human minds….( now why is my mind-built stereo playing …Whitney’s “Am every woman “ …??? Am not!…ok -maybe I am…in some aspects!…may-could be??… ugghhh !mute goes the stereo)

The other night, I knelt down to pray….and felt this presence…twas rather intimidating…I actually choked on my words, very few let out….I’d probably liken it to stage-fright…aahhh...."prayer-fright" ...would be a good word to describe it. I was terrified of the acute sense that God was actually listening…. (don’t know why, I talk to Him lots)….this awareness scared the words out of me…and my mind began to spin…

Why do I pray? What is it that makes me believe He hears me? Why do I believe in Him….and why do I blog about Him….? Why do I choose daily to live by the Christian faith? Why does His presence scare me?…..(... pin off the “why” mind disc!!!…this can go on and on and on….)

Last night, I lit a sole pink candle, turned off the lights, and knelt. There is something magical about candle light…..and here began to answer myself....

Why do I pray? : My aunt gave me a pink pen many years back with 3 grafted words, “Prayer Changes Things”….….does it? (my personality is a bit strange; I have a tendency to want to prove if stuff works!)….fast forward, many years later, my prayer results have been: some things changed immediately after one prayer, others took many sessions….and amazingly, prayer also changed my want for un-necessary things. So why do I pray? Because things are always changing….

What is it that makes me believe God hears me? : …hmmh, Lucy walks in with a hot cup of milk and says; “You love milk yea?”, and am like, “Yea, how’d you know? …..and she goes, “I guessed”…and I think, if…He hears my cravings, what about my words and thoughts?!....

Why do I believe in God? : …the birth process (labor – humans/animals alike…is just too profound for me?!....and while we are at that, baby talk ;....have you ever beheld a 6 month baby having a conversation with its toes – na- na.. those coos and gaas…call me paranoid, but them cuties are talking with someone?!)...then there's how the wind steals past, the smell of rain, the warmth of sunset…..and yes, animal shapes and their weird traits!, these for me, are sealers!!

Why do I blog about my experiences with God? : …because He is incomprehensible….and this is my way of putting minute revelations together …though this is one jigsaw that can only be complete when I behold Him.

Why do I choose daily to live by the Christian faith? : I have believed the message of Jesus Christ. … enuff said!

Why does His presence scare me? : I revere God because all my faculties combined cannot fathom Him.

(Image credit : Lester Kern - Show me thy way, O Lord.)



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