November's Life Cards.

It’s about this time last year when they visited….and when I saw them…. I was troubled. Not one to co-exist with my phobias… (or so a’ve convinced myself)….I packed and left….in the night….

At midnight I broke! It wasn’t them, nor the accident while leaving….nor the feeling of letting my loved one down…..nor the fear for the exam I had to sit the next day…..It wasn’t the rain that drenched me earlier nor the darkness of returning to my past….. neither was it the cold uncertainty of what lay ahead….no! not these, I broke because “my disappointment (s) had run over….…”.  

I reasoned this may be a fall tripped by pride....or one of those trials which Paul reckons we should rejoice in….perhaps the devil had came out earlier than 3am for his prowl…and I happened to be his target all day….or maybe, I just woke up on the wrong side of life!

Morning brushed off yesterday’s tears, I embraced the cards dealt and signed back to the game of life. For a while, I seemed to draw only black cloves (also read clubs)….cloves are meant to bring good luck…but what when they come in black?....I lagged in the distance score-wise…….more than once I prayed for hearts and diamonds….didn’t want no spades.

 Life cards were reshuffled…and cock-crow broke….I drew quite a number of diamonds, spades and some more cloves…..weird it would seem as my co-players seemed to always draw hearts..but me, not one!. I began to wonder if my hands were jinxed…that wonder threw me into a swirling pot of doubt vs. faith.

I withdrew from the game and journeyed to a dry land of no food to meet with card maker. Perhaps he could explain this bizarreness.  Three days I sat under a canopy and gazed at the horizon; land of hills and valleys this dry land was.

A candid conversation we had, simply put the explanation was; “time and chance happens to all”. The blacks of disappointments and the reds of success happen to all. If likened to the sea, life has both high and low tides. The long and short of it; cloves and spades come in equal number with hearts and diamonds.

I returned to the game and it seemed like I’d been away for eons and eons ….or so the deceiver painted….but the card maker thrust me back to reality with...” It’s only been a year!”

At 6pm yesterday, a new game began….and the card maker called and guaranteed me a heart….! One hour later I had 3 of hearts, I played it….two hours later I had a 5 of hearts , I’ll play it tomorrow as I await my 7 of hearts because Jesus had already acquired my King of Hearts.

A year! That’s how long a tide can sometimes be….but it’s only a yearlong!  After that, the tide BREAKS!!

November to November – for one day can be a year, as a year can be a day.



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