Out of Debt

I got into debt sometime last year, needed to make a certain good buy and since I didn't have enough money to cover the purchase price, I took out a loan at a hefty 19.25% pa rate.

Later, I calculated the amount of interest that would accrue over the debt period...and almost fell into depression! Too much for my liking! So I sought ways to make additional payments to reduce the debt period....but then recession hit and everything became mad expensive.

This so distrubed me, I brought it to God in prayer, and specifically prayed that He would help me pay the debt in a year's time instead of five years....through a pay raise!  :-), well ....the pay raise did come but was absorbed by inflation :-(

May this year marked the close of the year period in which I had hoped to clear the debt....but nothing had changed! I had four more years to go and this issue escalated to one of my top three prayer items....and constantly asked God for mercy and provide a way out.....

This month, He has!!! Halleluya!!! A change in employment, means a handsome amount is coming my way....which is sufficient after God's 10%, to repay the debt in full....and hmmmh, leave a handy bonus!!!.

I am so grateful  to God....only He knows what a relief this is to my mind! I hate debt....I flee from it....and many are the lessons I have learnt about debt in the last 19 months!

Lord, thank you, for your mercy and for "feeling me".....and taking this yoke away, a heavy yoke indeed....and for the intricate way in which work affairs have played out to make this possible.

Am am so very very thankful. The only debt I have now - is to love mankind.



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