Oh! My God

My God is good. His goodness is so hard to express, explain.....I try to search for words, but none can contain what I feel.....

God's love is constant - at my best and at my worst, the scale remains the same and this humbles me so much.....what depth of love! 

God's comfort and peace while in trouble is unexplainable. The knowledge that even when things are so grim, He is still incharge, He reigns! - having this knowledge when in captivity is so redeeming, knowing that even in chains, I am free, for God reigns above all!

God's forgiveness and justice - that when I deserve punishment, your grace covers me, you condemn me not for my sin, but instead when I come to you in repentance, you forgive me and take away my guilt....Lord, I bow before you in humble adoration

I will tell about your strength on my blog, I will tell BOLDLY of your constant love. 
You have been a refuge for me....  A shelter in my time of trouble..
I praise you, my DEFENDER.

My refuge is GOD
the GOD who loves me.

I depend on GOD alone, I put my hope in Him, He alone protects and saves me....
He is my DEFENDER and I shall never be DEFEATED.

My SALVATION and HONOUR depends on GOD. He is my STRONG protector and shelter!

More than once, I have heard GOD say that POWER belongs to Him - and I BELIEVE Him.



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