Good God

I am like an olive tree growing in the house of God; I trust in His constant love forever and ever. I will always thank you, God, for what you have done; in the presence of your people I will proclaim that you are good. Psalms 52 : 8 & 9


I want to run....

As a deer pants for water, so I pant for revival.
I am a youth, drained by constant life demands
Who desires rest 
Wisdom to know whats really important
Strength to accomplish what is necessary

I am one who waits on you, Lord
Renew my strength
Help me soar 
Aid me to walk and not faint
Run and not grow weary
Till your work through and in me is completed.


Many Thanks, Lord

I thank you Lord, for you see me. Day by day as I walk with you, I have come to know that you are hands-on in my life....that you see me, you feel me, you know my thoughts, my feelings and the reasons that form those thoughts and feelings.

I thank you Lord, that even though you are the supreme Judge, you show me mercy where I deserve punishment, you call me to yourself  and remind me that your love is constant.....your constant love for me esp. in times when am not at my best.....overwhelms me.

I thank you God, because you keep promises, no matter how long it takes, I know you keep your word.....and often keep it in the most mysterious, confounding....yet so fulfilling way - and often give more than you promised.

Lord, thank you for everything....and indeed everything.....sometime back, I thought I could repay your kindness....but now what you have given me, I cannot repay. I am forever indebted to you. Your love for me  consumes me. I have not always felt worthy of your love, because I have always been a person who feels that to receive something, I have to earn it. I fall seriously short... in earning your love, yet you give it day in, day out.....and in increasing I now accept your love, as your daughter and as your prayer is that my life would honor your love.

Lastly, I thank you that I prayed and shared my heart with you regarding Muthoni my friend who remains in captivity in the hands of warlords in Somali. You have seen and felt my bleeding heart....comforted me and gave me the assurance that she is under your care  and by that she is well....while I slept you have sent me a dream and believe by this dream, she is strong in her faith in you and your ability to deliver her back to us. May 25th Sept remain true.

Many Thanks Lord.



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