Jesus at the Centre of 2013

Jesus at the Centre of It All
Jesus at the Centre of It All 
From Beginning to the End,
It will always be, its always been..You
Jesus, Jesus.
(Song by Israel Houghton)

The above words are my prayer for 2013. That Jesus would be at the centre of my life - my relations, my words, my thoughts, my deeds, my all. 

2012 - I am very grateful to God for His goodness to me this year. I count my blessings; salvation, providence, protection, family, love, promotion, friends, laughter, sleep, beauty, favor and many more....its impossible to say it all. I bow in humility, Lord.

I am grateful Lord, for teaching me how to trust you while in a bubble. I was scared at the beginning, but through the year, I have come to learn your deep love and care for me and I lay before you in adoration.

Thank you Lord, also for answering my prayer for my husband. Tim is your doing and he is marvelous in my sight. Thank you, Father. Your love is overwhelming.

For my workplace - I have learnt you are the God who strengthens me and gives me the ability to persevere. Its been tough, but you have been my help. Thank you for everything. I commit 2013 to you as far as my workplace is concerned, would it please you to grant me a new job....and while it comes...grace to remain steadfast at my current - above all, may your will be done. Help me deal with the bile in my heart in regard to office matters.

Jesus be the centre of my life
Jesus be the centre of my life
From January to December 2013
It will always be...let it always be you,
Jesus, Jesus.



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