God of Wonders!

God's Word to me for 2013; Psalms 92 : 10 - You have made me as strong as a wild ox, you have blessed me with happiness.

 I believe and trust God - like Isaac, I will sow in famine and harvest 100 times (Genesis 26:12) and like God said to Gideon (Judges 6:16),  I will only be able to do so, because God will help me.

I have no fear this year, I have the acute knowledge and peace that God is with me and is ushering me into a new level in my walk with me. I have not traveled this road before....I am not afraid - His rod and staff guide me. My steps are ordered by God through the righteousness bought for me by Christ when He died for my sins and made me right with God.

Yesterday, I took a bold step of faith, I walked away from a very stressful job with the blessing of God. I am very excited at what the future holds for me, for God has planned out my life saying He knows the plans He has for me....plans for a future and a hope...small wonder, He choose to bless me with strength and happiness. The walk of faith has its adrenalin moments and am really excited to see how this plays out - Lord glorify yourself and show yourself strong on my behalf that those who hear what you have done for me can lift their voices in praise and their faith be strengthen in you - THE GOD WHO WORKS WONDERS ON BEHALF OF HIS CHILDREN.



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