Turning Around For Me



God does answer prayers...this post is in response to For Yet and Still On Yet

In the above blog entries, I held faith that God would answer certain prayers that I had committed to Him. Back then, in 2011, these were desires that I had hoped for and was certain that in God's timing, these would come to pass...

2 years later, the YET is HERE and as promised LORD, here I am to praise you...

Am getting married in 3 weeks time to Tim. Tim came to me in an unconventional manner as blogged here 3rd paragraph in this post ; He is in every way what I needed and prayed for...in him, my weaknesses have been mirrored and am thankful for the lessons we have learned as we have walked towards our wedding and marriage. Thank you Lord for the peace you have given me in evaluating Tim and your counsel when in fear. Thank you for the friends you have brought together to support us in planning our wedding. Thank you for Tim's family who have lovingly embraced me as their own. Thank you for all the prayers going out to you for the success of our marriage. Thank you for assuring me that you are with us to the very end. Thank you for the struggles in becoming one for I know your grace is sufficient to see us through. Thank you that I will sing of your faithfulness till you call us home.

Peace - thank you Lord for your peace in the last 4 months. A peace that has shielded my heart like foil keeps food warm and hygienic. I have not had a reason to worry over any of my needs as I left employment, you have provided all my needs and even wants...most importantly, you have guarded my soul against the enemy of fear, worry and doubt and I praise you for everything. May your peace continue to guard and keep my soul in you even as I await your blessings.




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