Appreciation for 2013

Another year gone, another blessing to count.

I am grateful to God, He has been ever present!

The verse I held to in 2013 was;

Psalms 92:10

 You have made me as strong as a wild ox;
    you have blessed me with happiness.

and the Lord did give me ox - like strength and lots of happiness in 2013;

  1.  I quit my job and He was my sufficient provider for the months I was out and indeed to the end of the year after I got a new job. The strength to walk away from my old job and strength to persevere in my new job can only be described as Ox strength and that, from God.
  2. I got married and that, at a time, when I was jobless and low on finance. God gathered my family and friends and gave us a wonderful simple wedding - my heart's desire sort of wedding and that, also took Ox strength from God.
  3. Its been 6 months of marriage, wonderful six months and that, truly has been a blessing of happiness. My husband, my family, my in-laws, all reflect your kind love for me....and am truly, so very happy and grateful for the gift of happiness.
  4. Good Health - am happy, Lord, that you have kept all my family and friends in good health. Some have been ill in the year, but you have healed and continue to heal....that's happiness.
  5. Sermons at church have been so timely each Sunday, God, you have fed me with the juiciest of soul foods these year...some swallowed easily...others required lots of chew...all in all....really good spiritual food, am real grateful.
  6. My bible study group, my sister, my friends, my family - Lord, you have brought me much joy by your faithfulness in their lives. Thank you.
  7. And finally, for my friend Muthoni, she remains in captivity, I had hoped the year would not end, that you would deliver her and bring her home....Lord, I bow to your will and timing....though it has not happened, I thank you for strength to pray for her daily, faith to believe that you fend for her needs daily, strength not to give up. I thank you for the happiness we experience, each time we receive news that she is ok.....and for the assurance in my heart, that, IT IS WELL WITH HER.
The year has been good, strength for trials and hard times....happiness for joyful and easy times.

I bow to you, God, YOU have been true to your word and fulfilled it.

I worship you now and always.



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